In this system, zirconium alloy, which is a white color, is used instead of metal as the infrastructure. The biggest advantage of the system is to provide a full aesthetic appearance in the bridges in the posterior region, with its very high durability.

Zirconium smart ceramics provide perfect bio compatibility and natural appearance with our body.

Zirconium oxide, a high-tech product that has proven its durability as a heat shield in space shuttles and as a brake disc in sports cars, is now used by dentists. This technological ceramic, developed for dentistry with the application of zirconium smart ceramics, has a great contribution to prosthetic treatment.

Since it is a very durable material, it can be used safely in the rear areas and on long bridges.

Due to the absence of metal in its infrastructure, it refracts the light like a natural tooth. Therefore, it is much more aesthetic work.

Since only zirconia is left on the edge of the crown or bridge in contact with the gingiva, more perfect results are obtained in terms of aesthetics and health.

Although there is a possibility that the metal support may cause allergies in the gingiva, zircon does not have an allergic reaction in the body.

It is an element that is resistant to high heat, impact, light, does not conduct heat and electricity.

It does not cause taste disorders, gum problems and bad breath in the mouth.

The cercon ceramic placed on the zirconium infrastructure reduces the adhesion rate of food residues and micro-organisms to the tooth surface.

The places where it is used are:

a) In single tooth crown restorations

b) On long bridges

c) Over-implant crown and bridge work

d) In cases where maximum aesthetics is desired